Water in the HIV/AIDS fight; chocolate shortages; rainfall in California at last: Today’s water news round-up


“But there is one crucial element missing from life in sub-Saharan Africa that disproportionally affects the health and wellbeing of the 25 million people there living with HIV. That element is water. Clean water is critical to keeping them healthy, for taking antiretroviral drugs and for good hygiene to minimise infections”

The Guardian reports on the HIV/AIDS crisis for World AIDS Day, emphasising how essential it is that people affected by the virus have access to clean water in order to prolong their lives.

“Drought is compounding the concern in many major cocoa growing areas of the world. Drought conditions have been gripping Western Africa, which includes the number one area in the world for cocoa production”

There is a worldwide chocolate deficit as a result of drought in some of the major chocolate-producing countries, writes Accu Weather.

“You can indeed drink too much water, explains the American Chemical Society in the video below, though that amount is exceptionally hard to come by and certainly not one that you would drink by accident.”

This video on io9 looks at whether it is possible to drink too much water.

“Rain and snow will fall across much of California over the next few days, bringing “badly needed moisture for a drought-stricken region,” National Weather Service meteorologist David Hamrick said Monday.”

California will finally be treated to some rainfall and even snow, reports USA Today.


Main image: docentjoyce at Flickr Creative Commons

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