VIDEO: Arctic ice decline; oil spills; Brazil droughts: today’s water news


“By showing how the colours – the types of ice – change in the region, the animation emphasises how quickly the Arctic is changing as the planet warms up.”

The Daily Mail displays a shocking time-lapse video showing just how drastic the ice melt in the Arctic has been in 27 years.

“Rio de Janeiro State Environment Secretary Andre Correa warned on Friday that the region was experiencing the worst water crisis in its history.”

Areas of Brazil is experiencing extreme water lows, reports Euronews, after the worst drought in 80 years affected the region this summer.

“The city of Lewisburg says an estimated 3,975 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into a tributary of the Greenbrier river late on Friday night when a tanker truck overturned on Route 92.”

About 12,000 people have been left without water in West Virginia after a huge oil spill, USA, reports the Guardian.



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