Why we should stop drinking bottled water; solving the Californian water crisis; flash flood in Colombia: today’s water news


“Clean, safe drinking water that flows freely out of our faucets is a feat of engineering that humans have been been perfecting for two millennia. It is a cornerstone of civilization. It is what our cities are built upon.”

Alissa Walker at Gizmodo has written an impassioned piece about why we should stop drinking bottled water. As the Californian water crisis worsens, people’s attention has been drawn to the big corporations – like Nestle – which make a huge profit from selling bottled water.

“Anderson and Miller argue that a water tax on organic products would be a much better idea than mandating water use.”

On the subject of the crisis in California, economists have come up with an interesting solution to it. The Daily Caller reports that by taxing organic products, it encourages organic farms to be more water-efficient. Currently, they waste much more water than conventional farms, and as the crisis continues, ways of solving it will need to be found – and fast.

“Residents were stirred from bed in the dead of the night by a loud rumble and neighbors’ shouts of “The river! The river!” as modestly built homes and bridges plunged into the Libordiana ravine. Survivors barely had enough time to gather their loved ones.”

A devastating flash flood in western Colombia has killed 52 people, according to Star Tribune. Mud, debris and water came down from the nearby river into the alpine town, which is situated in one of Colombia’s most disaster-prone areas.

Illustration by Tara Jacoby via Gizmodo

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