Snow in the UK; the Maldives rescued; Chinese farmers displaced: today’s water news round-up


“Snow and ice weather warnings will finally end for Scotland and the north on Monday, but wintery showers will remain a fixture of the UK’s weather as strong wind warnings pick up across northern parts this week.”

Northern areas of the UK have been experiencing snow, while heavy rain will continue to fall, as reported by the Independent.

“India and Sri Lanka began airlifting bottled water to the capital of the holiday destination Friday as taps ran dry while China and the United States were also rushing help, the government said. India has also sent ships with desalination capabilities to boost supplies.”

As the Maldivian capital, Malé, struggles with major water shortages, The Daily Mail reports on the president’s decision to declare a public holiday to help deal with it.  Read more about Desolenator could help alleviate the crisis.

“Water is due to start flowing this month along the central route of the South-North Water Diversion project, a monumental $81 billion design to salve the thirst of Beijing and surrounding regions.”

Up to 300,000 displaced people are living in substandard accommodation as a result of China’s massive water project which will divert the resource from the south to the arid north, reports the Bangkok Post.

Main image: Tim Green at Flickr Creative Commons

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