Six situations in which you’ve already seen Desolenator – without realising

So, we’ve already established that Desolenator has many uses:

desolenator uses

And yes, it’s all very impressive. But if you’ve been following our indiegogo campaign, you’ll know that Desolenator is a WHOLE lot more versatile than that.

That’s right: Desolenator resides in all kinds of watery (and some not so) habitats. You’ve probably had one in your very own swimming/paddling pool at some point, soaking up the rays.


Desolenator really gets around a bit. They say that Neil Armstrong was the first to reach the moon – but that giant leap for mankind doesn’t even constitute a step for Desolenator. It’s been chilling on the moon for a long time now, no sweat.


Remember when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a thing? Well, Desolenator was there. You just didn’t notice it in all your excitement.


Then there was this. oscars-selfie-desolenator-photobomb

And this. Yep, Desolenator broke the internet.


And finally, this. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


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