Indiegogo: five other campaigns we love

As you know, Desolenator is being crowdfunded through indiegogo. Indiegogo is full of brilliant, pioneering projects (and some less so!), with new ones being added all the time – so we’ve done a round-up of five of our favourites on the site at the moment. If you can support any of these great projects, please click the link!

1. Loka Foundation

The Loka Foundation is seeking sponsors so that children in a school-deprived area near Varanasi, India can get a good education. They’re asking for $400 per year to see a child through, and this includes all school materials. A modest, worthwhile cause trying to make the world a better place through education.

2. ChargeTech smallest phone charger

This tiny phone charger plugs into the mains and charges twice as fast as a standard iPhone charger. It’s not just for Apple fans, though – with two USB ports, you can use it for any of your USB-compatible devices. This could be very useful to take away travelling!


3. Sahodaran –  LGBT rights in India

Sahodaran is a safe space in Pondicherry, India for gay, transgender and other people of marginalised sexualities to take refuge. It wants to extend its services by offering shelter to those displaced because of their sexuality, and reach out to organisations to try to dispel harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Legislation and social climate in India do not tend to favour LGBT people, so this is vitally important work.

4. Solar phone chargers in Liberia

The Green Neighbors Education Committee, Inc. is seeking funding for materials to kickstart a solar-energy business – Sustainable Solar Energy of Liberia. Having recently trained 27 Liberians in designing, assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing solar devices, Sustainable Solar Energy will empower them to turn their skills into a full-time job.

solar cells

5. Rainwater project, Kenya

A group of friends went to Marafa, Kenya, on a volunteering trip – but upon leaving the country, they were unable to get the local people they’d met off their minds. So the friends have decided to try and provide clean water to two schools using a technique known as rain harvesting. This is an instance where we think Desolenator could really help, too.

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