The global denial of water shortage and water privatisation failures and successes: today’s news roundup


“Unfortunately, the world has not really woken up to the reality of what we are going to face in terms of the crises as far as water is concerned,’ IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri told participants at a conference on water security.”

According to a report from Reuters about a recent UN meeting of the world’s top climate scientists, many countries are still not facing up to the harsh realities of water shortages, including conflict and widespread health epidemics.

“About 80% of Lagos’s piped water supplies are thought to be stolen, only 5% of people receive it in their houses, taps are often dry, sanitation is non-existent across much of the metropolis and the hospitals are full of people suffering diarrheal and other water-borne diseases. All that has changed since the IFC’s abortive 1999 plan is that the demand for water has grown due to the arrival of millions more people in the city.”

The ongoing debate about water privatisation continues in The Guardian this week with an in-depth exploration of the failures and successes across the globe, from Guayaquil in Ecuador to Bucharest in Romania.

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