Desolenator: reaching out to your community


We’re very thankful to Clay Gordon, who has written an uplifting and humbling post about Desolenator on his blog, TheChocolateLife. As he has written:

“I am happy to collect donations (through PayPal) from members of the community and then purchase a Desolenator on behalf of the worldwide ChocolateLife membership. If I receive enough to purchase two Desolenators then I will purchase two of them for the community. (Any monies below/above evenly divisible multiples of $650 will be donated for other perks in the name of TheChocolateLife community.”

It’s great to see that online communities are coming together to buy Desolenators. Let’s hope Clay’s call to arms is successful!

So if you’re a blogger or leader of an organisation, please consider reaching out to your community of followers and friends to tell them about Desolenator. It’s fantastic to have our cause being championed from all angles – we hope to read more like this in the future.

Milestone reached: 1/3 of our fundraising target!

Big news from the team: we’ve reached one-third of our fundraising target on indiegogo!

In fact, the percentage currently stands at 34% – so a little more than one-third. Thanks so much to all our wonderful supporters – please spare a minute today to tweet about us, check out our Facebook page and tell your friends about Desolenator. It may seem like a small gesture, but every dollar we receive helps us get closer to our target.



Desolenator in the spotlight: our Awards so far


Here at Desolenator HQ, we’re very proud to have been supported by the generosity of organisations and awarding bodies who recognise our work.

Here’s the list so far…


☼ Acumen London: Shortlisted Top 5 (UK) social innovator

☼ Global Grand Challenges / Singularity University: Shortlisted Top 10 (UK) 

☼ Clean Launchpad EU Final: 2nd place!

☼ Climate KIC Accelerator: Accepted! 

☼ Imperial College Incubator London: Accepted!