Bill Gates drinks water made from faeces; Michigan water crisis; milk more expensive than water in UK: today’s water news round-up


“New research shows how, based on price per litre across the big four supermarkets, fresh own-label milk sold in four-pint bottles has become cheaper than the average price of larger packs and multipacks of bottled water.”

According to the Telegraph, fiercely competitive supermarkets have driven down the prices.

“Residents have been complaining about the color, smell and taste of Flint water and several boil water advisories have been issued starting in the summer months due to the presence of coliform bacteria in the tap water.”

World Socialist Website reports on the rising fears that the water supply is becoming undrinkable in Michigan, USA.

“The Microsoft founder said he wanted to begin sending processing plants around the world after tests later this year.”

A video has emerged of Bill Gates drinking a glass of water made from processed human waste to showcase new water technology, writes the BBC.


Main image: Mark Hillary at Flickr Creative Commons


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