Best of the blog: round-up so far


Here at Desolenator HQ, we’ve been working hard since the autumn to bring you water news, information about the world water crisis, fun facts and of course – updates about our campaign!

You may have learned, for instance, that Desolenator uses desalination to filter its water – but while Desolenator is undoubtedly innovative, this is not new technology. In fact, there are already several parts of the world using desalination to provide water for their populations.

You might have been interested to learn that the most saline body of water in the world is actually in Antarctica. On a similar note, Antarctica also happens to be one of the driest places in the world – it’s technically a desert, despite all that ice. We also took a look at the largest freshwater sources on Earth.

We’ve explored water conflicts, including the India-Pakistan water dispute, and how ancient step wells could be a solution. We made a video to demonstrate how Desolenator could ease some of the difficulties faced by water-stressed communities, and Desolenator’s CEO wrote about the long process it’s taken for his invention to reach this point.

Last but not least, we’ve put together a Christmas thank you video. We do hope you’ll view it and have a laugh with us. We’re really enjoying the journey, and can’t wait for the next step!

Main image: Brian Gratwicke at Flickr Creative Commons

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